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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he went back overseas. he is heartbroken. >> her car was found in the parking lot of her ashburn complex. her bank accounts and credit cards have not been used since the end of january. >> we would like to help the family and hope that there is something beyond suspicion of foul play. >> investigators say there are no obvious signs of foul play in this case they are hoping that the publicity will help get some leads for her family and for investigators who are looking for tonight.
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marion barry got the boot tonight'. today, his car was botted. what did he have to say about this latest snafu? >> we are outside varian barry's house. behind me is his jaguar. during the night, he got a visit from the boat people. -- boot people. his jaguar was sitting back at his house. >> i was not a where. -- aware. >> a check of city records show that he is car had nine tickets totaling $700 before locations
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all over the d.c. >> how did you get to work this morning? >> talking to some of his neighbors, we found many surprised the you could get at least nine tickets. >> 20 minutes later, they towed it. >> the director of public works agreed. >> we saw his car with a boat on it. -- boot on it. >> they gave me a ticket at 3:00 in the morning. >> you have got naked before? >> yes. -- tickets before?
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>> yes. >> we understand that he paid six of those nine tickets and that was enough to get it removed. you can bet that they do not get many tickets. he has already -- he has always had regular tax on his car. -- tags on his car. the first day of march bought out the sun shine, but the winter chill is still here. >> march is famous for these rapid turnaround in temperatures. a delightful afternoon, clear skies, and temperatures are on the cool side. 45 right now in gaithersburg, 46
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in the district. take a look at the difference in temperatures. yesterday, it was 11 degrees warmer at this time. tonight, clear with light winds, temperatures about average. we will have a nice warm up into the upper 50's by the afternoon. changes over the weekend. despites work to fix metro's escalator issues, the work continues and so is the writer frustration. -- rider frustration. >> metro says that it in any given time, 10 persons and other escalators will be out of service for repair. we are seeing more incident happening when riders are caught working escalators.
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over the weekend, metro released this video of an escalator at l'enfant plaza, sending four people to the hospital. today's later, during a monday morning commute, an escalator at dupont circle jolted to a hot spot. during the evening rush hour, a different escalator at dupont circle started smoking after rain leaked into a motor. >> the fire engines, told at least. >> there are escalator problems and the fixes are coming, metro says. that is just getting under way. >> a lot of these changes that will be coming to the elevators and escalators are not quick fixes. they will not happen overnight. >> what else could happen in the
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meantime? their work significant safety concerns about how metro protection escalator's from water damage. it also found that after escalators are replaced, they fail again 8 days later. metro has already begun replacing escalators at dupont circle and foggy bottom. over the next six years, they will repair 141 escalators and 31 elevators. this will be complete by 2017. not local families are looking for someplace to stay tonight after a massive fire went to their apartment building. several people had to be rescued from a building in capitol heights. >> we got here just a minute after this fire started it
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started up there on the third floor of that building. wait until you see the pictures. it was fierce. there were people inside. >> when we arrived on the scene, firefighters were scrambling to get water on a blaze that was in golfing this apartment. we also heard the screams of residents trapped by the heavy smoke and intense flames, calling for help. >> i heard her banging at the door. >> a man tells us that he was in his apartment with his three young children, all under the age of three. they lived just below the apartment where the fire started. >> the fire alarms never went off. >> thanks to his friend, he saw
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the smoke and rushed to help. >> i saw the smoke is getting heavier. we were banging on the windows. >> when i got around the corner, but i just saw black smoke. >> she knew that her son was inside the apartment. firefighters were able to get him out from their balconies. this woman says that her father lived in the apartment back caught on fire. >> no one is there. >> there were three other residents that could not get out of the front doors. they climbed on to their balcony's and firefighters were able to save them. what started this big plays? firefighters are still trying to figure that out. a crash in the third straight title this morning killed one woman.
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-- 3rd street tunnel. the driver in the car died. city workers were treated for non life-threatening injuries. two maryland lawmakers are holding up the boat on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. prince george's county democrats also missed the plant about leading supporters to vote shy of the 12 they need. the federal government is cracking down on artificial pot. dea says that spice is the legal nationwide. -- illegal nationwide. the drug made headlines this week.
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a government shutdown may not be on the horizon after all. despite initial opposition, democrats said they would go along with the bill and harry reid says that he expects the measure that goes to president obama as desk in the next 48 hours. tonight, more on the specifics of the plan. rowling hubcaps and stranded cars, we tracked down one of the worst spots in the area for pot holes. >> charlie sheen is still talking. hear about the new women in his life. >> men and women both have
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equal risks of contracting hpv. should boys and girls both be vaccinated? the debate is on. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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we have some startling information about a sexually transmitted disease. men are just as likely as women to get the virus. >> 6 million new cases of hpv are diagnosed annually. most of the cases are among teenagers and young adults. as wayne richardson watches his son grow, he realizes the risks he may face in his teenage years. new research shows that half of all men may be infected with the hpv. some believe that vaccinating teenage boys is the way to fight the infection.
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having his son inoculated is something to consider it as his son enters puberty. >> if it is safe and debt looks like that is a good direction to go, i would look at it closer. >> hpv is best known as the primary cause for cervical cancer in women. but some doctors believe that it is just as important to vaccinate sexually active men as it is women. >> it is something that you will be talking about with his 19- year-old son. >> a lot of vaccines are fairly new. it is a new vaccine. i want to see it develop for a
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year or two. >> part of the problem is that while women at received routine annual screenings, men do not. they may have a tv -- hpv and not even know it. people are surveying the aftermath of some powerful storms. five people have been killed, four of them in tennessee. traders reacted crossed -- rep departure comes in kentucky and tennessee. >> they were lifting the furniture up to the second level. >> in indiana, dozens of animals had to be rescued by boat as the rain flooded and animal shelter. 10,000 acres of land are
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burning tonight in florida. they have destroyed hunting camps and a handful of mobile homes east of orlando. 30 miles of the interstate was closed overnight because of the smoke and flames. the fire is 10% contained. investigators say the dry and windy conditions caused the fire to grow at of control. the wind has calmed down nicely. i want to start off with a look at our rooftop camera. i want to show you as we put that in motion for you. this is between 12:00 31:00. -- and 1:00.
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a spectacular day. we are at 48 right now. that is about average for this time of year. it will get to lead tonight and warmer tomorrow. 46 degrees in frederick. 47 degrees in baltimore. tonight, we will drop down into the 20's. 32 in downtown washington. the temperatures are interesting, at a about average. the cold air is making a little bit of a comeback across northern new england. we will quickly see that shall come our way because a cold front is going to be a part of our weather pattern tomorrow and thursday. we will be in the upper 50's, but then that cold front will
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come through and temperatures will fall on thursday. it will be a quick chill. we get these late season blasts of cold air, but they are in and out. temperatures bounce right back up. there was not a cloud in the sky all day. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. a cold front comes through. a lot of colder air pushing through tomorrow. highest inng for the 40's on thursday. we climbed up to about 57 degrees. for the next several days, we watched the numbers go down. friday, we will see some sunshine.
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nicer weather on saturday. rain chances increase on its sunday. >> we can look forward to that. people did not realize that -- >> no, that is not what happens. >> it is that time again. >> a.d.c. has unveiled the new cast of "dancing with the stars." some of the biggest names include a boxing legend. also on the list, we have ralph macchio.
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we have played a late model -- playboy model. it is going to be an interesting season. it will premiere on monday, march 25. i know you guys can not wait. tonight, charlie sheen in his old word spreads you think that you have heard everything? you have not heard anything yet. he talks about his famous family, his drug use, and the new women in his life. >> they are the international sensation. >> cure from the goddesses and hear from charlie sheen tonight. >> what i would have given to seat him. >> we were looking for him.
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a monster pothole made for some problems on 395 today. >> be went out today on pothole patrol. what does it look like out there? >> all across the metro area right now, motorists are driving through them, around them, or write in to them. they are all across the region. pot holes. the big crater on 395 had motorists mad and the road littered with hubcaps. >> jumping all over the place. >> across the region, the sure sign that spring is approaching has sprung.
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they are popping up all over the metro area. repair shops sublease see a rush of business from rhode damage. >> sometimes, the shock is broken. >> in arlington, we caught up with a crew as it finished its final repair of the day. >> we used the full 2 tons. 2 tons of asphalt. >> the repair crews can not keep pace. motorists likely will have to deal with them for the next few weeks or so. >> the pot holes are terrible out here. i am replacing shocks every six months. >> one traffic experts as the peak of pothole season is about
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three weeks away. coming up, this singer's run in it with a lot. >> residents are saying, not in my backyard. what one church is trying to bring to the neighborhood that have people concerned. >> the community is rallying to help the family
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> a suspected drunk driver it hits and killed a young father. >> that accident happened sunday night. the driver fled the scene, but was found later. we are live in georgetown with the latest. >> he worked seven days a week to support his family. the tavern is collecting donations to help send him back home for his funeral in guatemala. the 23-year-old leaves behind a young wife, a 22-year-old -- a
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22-month-old son. it is why what happened sunday night occurred so much. he was walking his disabled moped across the key bridge into virginia on his way home from work. >> he was struck by a silver mercury suv. it did not stop. >> maryland state police salt the suv swerving. the driver was charged with driving under the influence. the officer responded to the accident was also struck by a car, that driver also accused of the dui.
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>> he talked to people. he was a nice young man. >> this is a family that has lost one of their own. >> i felt i knew what a burk going through because it was like losing a son. >> he was hoping to go back, to guatemalans at this june. he bought his mom a home there last year. the driver is being held on $750,000 bond. the fate of a popular d.c. principle is still uncertain tonight. two council members supported the measure. many parents and students are
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still outraged that the former school chancellor's decision to oust him last year. the committee and the merit reacted to the day's developments. -- the committee -- the community and the mayor reacted to the day's developments. >> i did not understand the decision in the first place. >> the kids realize that the school is out of control. they are acting accordingly. >> discipline issues have returned since his departure. imagine a house of ex- convict opening in your neighborhood. those to live next door say no way, no how. >> more than 100 residents showed up to the last community meeting on this topic. they are pressuring our neighborhood representatives.
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>> this used to be a drug ridden neighborhood. it is slowly turning around. people are trying to make a difference. >> when they moved to this community, they had hopes and dreams. this week, they had a case of the blues. >> you are here in northwest. i am tired of being dumped on. >> they plan to open a transition whole lot here with -- for 23 women with histories of crime. >> win these ladies mess up or something goes wrong, we are the ones who pay the consequences. >> they will be hanging out.
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their friends will come and stay. >> the church says programs like these all the benefits communities. >> we understand that the community wants to be safe. we think that this will make them safer. >> the program will not accept the violent offenders. we would only be taking women you are ready to change. >> the city has already agreed to fund the transition,. -- the home. city officials are trying to step up recycling in the district. officials say these bends should collect more than 1 million pounds of recycling a year. they were paid for by pepsico. if you are in the rest behind the wheel, watch out.
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fairfax county police are on the hunt for aggressive drivers. they are launching a month long crack down and begins today. it will focus on major roads like lee highway, 28. it is time for a check on the traffic right now. >> you are looking at some slow traffic in maryland. 270 northbound at 124 -- barely moving. you see all the slow traffic. just north of there, not very many cars. that usually means there are a lot of lanes blocked. looking at the beltway in montgomery county, everything is just moving fine. slow in the normal places. 95 southbound, you will see some
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slow traffic. kind of a nice drive today. coming up come new crash tests revealed a new danger when driving and highways. >> you can meet the maryland high school student that competes on jeopardy tonight. >> tough talk from ben bernanke. his strong words about the economy. his strong words about the economy. we have that story 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock?
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still is that the opportunity to play the popular game "jeopardy!" and they had a winner on the team. >> this is as close as some students will get to the real but they can ask their classmates all about it. >> i am a quick learner. >> a senior from rockville,
5:41 pm
maryland. >> he competes on the team in jeopardy tonight. he is a senior at richard montgomery high school. >> it was a magical to meet him. you just see him on tv all the time. >> he travels all over the visiting schools. >> have you gotten smarter these last 10 years? >> i certainly hope so. we are living these clues. >> he was only -- he now has his eyes on george washington university and government. he taped the show in december, but has to keep the results secret. >> it is fantastic.
5:42 pm
people i do not even know, up to me in the hallways. they say, good luck tonight. >> you can get your chance to compete. all you have to do is take the chance -- take the test on line at 9:00. >> we will be tuned in. >> absolutely. coming up, why christina aguilera was detained by police. >> there is a sign the war is going on in arlington county. >> how about a baby was burk? --
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-- the little one. >> it is a familiar sound to every new parent. >> it felt like i was on fire. >> this call and video -- this home video shows that he sleeps sometimes. >> you will do whatever it is to convert the baby. you are giving up four or five times a night. >> sleep deprived parents are turning to the baby whispereres. >> they create customized plans for parents. business is booming. >> she is helping her teaching the baby how to sleep. >> this is a learned skill. >> infants -- parents should not enter every cry. >> she first saw advice while in
5:47 pm
graduate school walt her older son was a newborn. >> let me read these three chapters in addition to all this court that i had to do. >> his sleep improved after training. >> you are so much happier when you sleep well. >> the key to success is consistency. she recommends setting up a sleep schedule and a bedtime routine. disturbing results from a new round of crash tests. the insurance institute for highway safety conducted tests.
5:48 pm
even registered 5 miles per hour, the car could slide below the trailer, possibly decapitating the driver. >> these crashes do not have to be serious injuries. >> a guard adjusted was stronger and would likely prevent injuries to anyone in the passenger side. christina aguilera is back in the spotlight call for all the wrong reasons. she was detained for public intoxication. she was in a car with her boyfriend. he was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. fashion designer is out of a job and now facing questions from french police. he was caught on the tape making anti-semitic remarks. a video shows him telling a cafe customer -- the fashion house
5:49 pm
suspended the designer. jane russell passed away yesterday at her home in california. she caught a bad cold and she died of respiratory difficulties. she shot to superstar them after starting alongside marilyn monroe. she was 89 years old. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom. >> it looks like the federal government is going to stay in business for a while. a small-town company gains national recognition. how the west virginia business is doing its part to stimulate the economy.
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how many layers what we need tonight? >> hopefully, not too many. >> it will be cold, but it will not be terribly windy. this is the first day of meteorological spring. daylight savings times begins on the 13th of the month. spring officially begins on the 20th of the month at 7:21 in the evening. the average height is 50, it will be 61 by the end of the month. the biggest so we have ever had was the palm sunday snowstorm. i do not remember it, obviously, but my mother told me about it. all the signs of spring.
5:51 pm
temperatures will fall off tonight. we will be in the low 30's by the morning. 59 tomorrow. maybe a late-hour on friday. that is the latest. back to you. there is a lot of activity out at redskins park. it is not over yet. altria carter has been released. clinton portis but yesterday. he was not even close to reaching his 2009 numbers. he was benched after week free. mike shanahan told him that he would -- he did not fit into the
5:52 pm
scheme. they are gone from the washington redskins. the caps play the islanders tonight. it will be fun to see what the team looks like now and how they will react the new players skated around this morning. >> he was all smiles today. >> it has been a world went. i found out yesterday. i was practicing anti got a call. >> the former florida panther. >> it is a great team. i always hated playing against them. >> he was traded from new jersey. >> here is a guy that has won the stanley cup. he knows how to play both offense and defense. >> i think they have a fantastic
5:53 pm
team here. i really believe they have a true shot of winning. >> they will be in the lineup tonight against the islanders with some time in the power play. the coach thinks they will fit right in. >> these guys are experienced. they have played the game for a long time. >> thank you very much. a lot of changes with the washington teams. coming up, a sign of the times. >> why some business lines are disappearing into is [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays. ♪ achievement: loves working capital. ♪
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shouldn't be hard work shopping with nutrition in mind or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway. arlington county is cracking down on the science illegally placed on public property.
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>> some are worried that it is going a little too far. >> offers for everything from entering into house buying got the public right-of-way in arlington county. >> we have long had a concern about the proliferation of signs along the road. >> the new amendment makes it easier for the county to find violators. many tell us they have already had their signs confiscated they are brought here to the county waste facility and they are trashed. really to say they would at least like the opportunity to pick them up. >> it bothers me that we have to do that. >> filters are permitted to put directional signs on public properties, but only on the weekends. -- realtors are permitted to put directional signs of public
5:58 pm
properties. >> i think the county is going overboard on this. >> the county says this is a broad effort to keep the streets looking clean. >> the latest change was not directed to the real-estate community in any way. >> about 65% are real-estate signs. in the past, zoning officials could only find a person -- fine a person at the salt the person putting this signed up. neighbors say they do not see the point. >> i would much rather see the county focusing on other issues. >> i do not know why the county is making an issue of it. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. tonight at 6:00 -- >> the american people want us to get our fiscal house in
5:59 pm
order. >> congressional compromise. a government shutdown might be avoided. a new crackdown on synthetic marijuana. captioned by the national captioning institute lives and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. a sign of compromise on the hill. the bill would cut federal spending by $4 billion. >> democrats are on board with this two-week plan. we are following the latest development. >> some say we are kicking the can down the road here. a two-week budget extension that would give us through march 18. it is headed to the senate. would give us through march 18. it is headed to the senate.


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